Learn To Track Macros

Macro – the short form of macronutrients is what our food is made up of.

Whatever we eat and drink, all the food and drinks are made up of many macronutrients like fat, carbohydrate, protein, vitamins like vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin d, vitamin b 12 and minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, etc. We can also know the calories we consume by tracking macros.

Tracking macros in food is not a hard one like old days. Just ‘Google’ your food name and you will know exactly what macros your food or drink is made up of. So track your macros, understand your food and eat every food.

We do not count calories in keto168 lifestyle. We count only the macros in grams. Learning to track macros make us understand the food we eat.

By learning to track macros, you can easily derive how much fat, protein and carbohydrate you eat every day. This will be very helpful for your ketofasto lifestyle.

Tracking Macros Through Google

Enter the food name in google and it will show you the macros.

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