Keto Myths

Kidney Damage

Keto lifestyle will lead to kidney damage – this is the biggest myth that is spread about keto.

Many people still believe that a low carb diet is high in protein. This is a myth.

Keto lifestyle is high in fat, not protein. The amount of protein is taken in moderate like any other diet.

As keto lifestyle is high only in fat and not high in protein, the whole fear that our kidneys will be damaged does not exist at all.

As an added advantage, by lowering blood sugars and keeping our insulin in control, low carb keto lifestyle actually protects the kidneys from damage.

For people with type 2 diabetes, this will be more useful.

Saturated Fat

Saturated fat will create blocks in the arteries and lead to a heart attack – This is one of the biggest propagated nutrition myth of the last few decades.

A lot of recent researches has again and again proved that natural saturated fats are healthy for us and it is not in any way connected with heart disease.

Increase Cholesterol

Low carb high fat diets will increase cholesterol is a myth again.

Keto lifestyle will increase good cholesterol (HDL) and decrease triglycerides which is very good for heart health.

Decrease Brain Function

The brain needs carbohydrates to function – this is a myth.

On a low carb diet, the brain is fuelled by fat.

The fat gets converted in the liver to ketones, that are used by the brain as fuel.

Ketones give our brain more clarity and concentration power.

The brain does not need even a little of carbohydrates.


Low carb diets will lead to depression – this is a myth.

In the initial phase of the diet for some days we will have symptoms of depression.

This is called carb flu, which is because of the metabolic changes our body is going through.

In fact in low carb high fat diets, getting into ketosis makes people very energetic and can increase mental function.

Poor Endurance For Exercise

Low carb diets will lead to poor endurance for exercising – this is a myth.

The reality is low carb high fat keto lifestyle will enhance our endurance.

Recently, a lot of sports people and teams have been ditching carb and turning to low carb diets.

Cholesterol Is Bad

As a result of all these factors and improper studies people started to believe that cholesterol is bad.

Statins came into play and were prescribed to everyone with high cholesterol.

Actually total cholesterol is not a bad factor and not to be worried about at all.

HDL is good cholesterol which has to be more.
Triglycerides are bad cholesterol which has to be less.

All these factors will be corrected to the proper levels by following a low carb keto lifestyle.

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