Are you obese? Have you been fighting obesity for a long time? Have you exercised for a long time and still no weight loss? Have you been eating clean counting calories but still not losing weight? Are you tired of trying all the yo-yo diets? Are you fed up with all the weight loss pills, supplements & shakes? Do you lose some weight and gain it fast back?

Have you been thinking lately that you can never ever make successful weight loss and have to be obese forever? Have you given up on your weight loss goals thinking it is a tough process?

Au Contraire,

Weight loss is a very easy process if followed with a proper understanding of the scientific approach.

Weight loss becomes a cakewalk if you simply understand –
Why you are obese?
What is keeping you obese?
What makes up the food you eat now?
Why should you not eat and drink what you eat and drink now?
Instead, what you should eat and drink?
How to exercise?
How to maintain the weight loss results for life?

Ketofasto’s complete weight loss guide will entirely change your life.

In this weight loss guide, the simplified process of weight loss through a scientific approach, which has been highly successful and sustainable for thousands of obese people is explained by an experienced weight loss professional.

This is the complete weight loss guide.

In this article, you will find details about,

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About me

keto intermittent fasting weight loss

My highest weight was 140 kgs. I was overweight, pre-diabetic, had blood pressure, heavy snorer, led a very lazy lifestyle and had acute gout attacks frequently. If I had lived the same way, I would have been a dead man now.

I was an occasional smoker, an alcoholic, and an extreme foodie. I was so much fond of beers, rice, roti, cakes & ice cream.

I was advised lifelong drugs at the age of thirty-eight for pre-diabetes, blood pressure and to keep my uric acid in control which caused frequent acute gout attacks that were so painful.

I was also advised by the best doctors that I had to avoid non-vegetarian food for the rest of my life to keep my uric acid in control so that I don’t get gout attacks.

For six months, I followed the doctor’s advises sincerely taking medicines every day. I also stopped eating non-vegetarian food. Even then, I had frequent gout attacks.

That is when I decided that something is wrong in the entire system and started searching for an alternate way.

The best thing in my life happened. I met my low carb guru Mr. Neander Selvan. He advised me to follow low carb high fat lifestyle to reduce my body weight and to overcome all my health problems. I never looked back after that.

Once I started feeling the powerful & positive effects of low carb lifestyle on my health and body – I started to dwell deep into this subject. I was fascinated and inspired by Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Robert Lustig, Dr. Mark Hyman, Prof Tim Noakes, Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Paul Mason and began to read and follow more of them.

At the peak of my weight loss journey, i reached 70 kgs and i look only half my age. I lost nearly half my weight following a low carb high fat keto lifestyle. I also mastered the art of intermittent fasting.

Now, I am in the process of adding more muscle through bodybuilding.

During my weight loss journey combined with keto & intermittent fasting, I experimented a lot of weight loss techniques with my own body and recorded all the results.

I have overcome all my health problems following a low carb high fat keto lifestyle and am a very fit person today. I have achieved strong health, highly positive mindset and all my blood factors are perfect.

I have guided many people into successful weight loss and get rid of their type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver, thyroid, gout, arthritis, thyroid, gerd, acid reflux, psoriasis and many other lifestyle diseases.

In my experience, I found out that many people understand this science only if it reaches them in a very simplified way. So, i framed this ketofasto weight loss guide to help obese people start from scratch to successful weight loss and people with lifestyle diseases get rid of their health problems.

Through this Ketofasto weight loss guide – I will guide you in a very simplified method how to make a successful weight loss journey, get rid of your lifestyle diseases and achieve super strong health following a low carb high fat keto + intermittent fasting lifestyle.

About Ketofasto Weight Loss Guide

As said already, I followed a keto + intermittent fasting lifestyle for losing nearly half my weight, overcome a lot of my health problems and gained superior health. Traveling through this weight loss journey, I studied a lot of books & articles tried them on myself and recorded the results practically.

After i finished my weight loss journey, I have helped a lot of obese people around the world to follow low carb lifestyle combined with intermittent fasting to lose their weight successfully and gain superior health benefits. I have inspired a lot of people to start this lifestyle by traveling to many cities speaking at various meetings, conferences and seminars.

I thought that writing a simple weight loss guide about my weight loss journey will inspire obese people around the world to lose their weight and regain their lost health following a low carb lifestyle. In my experience guiding so many people into successful weight loss, I found out that many people understand this science only if it reaches them in a very simplified way.

So, this weight loss guide will help you start from scratch to lose your weight, get rid of your health problems, achieve strong health and lead a healthy life in a very simplified way.

In this weight loss guide, I will guide you in a very simplified method how to make successful weight loss following a low carb lifestyle. I don’t want to go into much details like the studies involved, too many scientific terms, which will confuse you. I will just present the weight loss guide in a very simple manner so that it can be followed very easily. Even a layman who reads this weight loss guide must be able to reduce weight efficiently following the weight loss guide.

I will keep all topics as short as possible with suitable illustrations and pictures. I will keep all information up to the point so that it is easily understood by even a layman reader.

In short, I want an obese person to lose weight and achieve strong health themselves just by reading this weight loss guide and following it.

Get ready friends, here begins your exciting weight loss journey to strong health following the low carb high fat lifestyle through this keto & intermittent fasting weight loss guide.

Are You Obese?

There are a lot of ways like BMI (Body Mass Index), waist to hip ratio to calculate if you are obese. There are also a lot of machines to calculate your obesity parameters.

Let us go by the most simple -100 formula. Check your height in centimeters. Subtract it by 100. The result should be your ideal weight in kilograms.

Example – If you are 175 cms height
175-100 = 75
75 kilograms is your ideal weight

If you are 163 cms height
163-100 = 63
63 kilograms is your ideal weight

Please note that this is weight in kilograms
1 kilograms = 2.2 pounds

This is the ideal weight for obese people who want to lose weight.

+ (or) – 3 kgs is ok. Anything more that you are obese.
So your target must be to reach your ideal weight.

Obesity Is A Global Pandemic

Obesity is now a major world health problem. Millions of people every year are dying each year as a result of being overweight or obese. Obesity is the immediate starting point for pre-diabetes and high blood pressure which lead to lot of other health ailments. So obesity has to be taken very seriously and has to be eradicated from the society.

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Obesity = Poor Self Esteem

Obesity is not just another factor to be taken lightly. This is the biggest mistake obese people do. They are not worried about obesity. Obesity is a disease – a shameful disease. Even other diseases happen to us by themselves without our knowledge, but obesity happens to us with our complete knowledge. We are the sole reason for our obesity. Obesity increases our negative thinking. Obesity decreases our self esteem. Through these we indirectly loose so much in life.

Obese Today = What Are You Tomorrow?

Obesity is the first and foremost starting point of all diseases. Being overweight is the symptom of an unhealthy body.

Being obese today, tomorrow we are prone to contract many ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, gout, arthritis, sleep apnea, snoring habit, infertility, gall stones, heart diseases, cancer.
Being obese, we lose our quality of life.

How Did Obesity Happen?


There was no agriculture in the paleolithic age. Our ancestors from the paleolithic age were active hunters. Their main food came from hunting, fruits & berries that grew from natural healthy plants. There was no obesity, no diabetes, blood pressure or other health ailments in the paleolithic age. They either died due to natural disasters or killed by animals.

Then at a certain period, our ancestors either due to laziness or afraid to hunt started agriculture. The fast food we eat today like noodles, burgers, pizza – agriculture was a fast food found by them at that time.

Cereals, grains and pulses causes a lot of inflammation in our blood vessels and are harmful to our body.

Human body was genetically not designed to eat food that was grown out of agriculture. Here started the problem to our health. As we started eating food that we should not eat obesity and other health ailments cropped into human lives.


Many discovered skull of skeletons of paleolithic humans shows that their tooth was strong, intact and not decayed. There were not many reasons for this. the only reason is there was no sugar in paleolithic age. Later on even after when sugar came into existence, it was a rich man’s food. Only kings and emperors of those times could afford sugar. Slowly sugar became a common man’s food.

Today at very young age, we develop lot of problems with our tooth like tooth decay, gum diseases, worn tooth enamel, root canal diseases. tooth are a stronger part of the body. If sugar can damage a stronger part like this, just imagine how it can damage our soft internal organs.

Food Industry

Food is no more an essential commodity. Food has become an industry today. Thro various advertisements, we are forced to eat what we should not eat. We are forced to drink what we should not drink. A small number of companies owns a large number of brands and control the food economy. A sportsman modeling for the advertisement of an aerated drink influences ordinary citizens to consume that drink, but for health and fitness reasons he does not drink that.

Fast food, junk food & all processed food out there contains a lot of unhealthy carb & sugar which is totally unsuitable for human body. Food industry has lost all its ethics to make consumers addict to their products using harmful substances.

Food industry just shift the blame on the consumers that they become obese due to a sedentary lifestyle as if they got nothing to do with the epidemic.

Ancel Keys Study – Fat Is Bad

Ancel Benjamin Keys, an eminent American physiologist made a study on how diet influences health. The study published that eating fat is the main reason for all heart diseases. But if we go into the study in detail, Keys was actually supposed to make his study in 22 countries but ended up studying only the data in 7 countries.

His intention was very clear. He wanted to blame fat even before he started the study. So, he conveniently left out the countries which did not fit his study. Later when other researchers studied his data with all the original 22 countries, it was clear that there was no link between fat and heart diseases.

Ancel Keys study villainies fat instead of sugar which is the foremost reason for obesity in this world today.

Mc Govern Report – Meat Is Bad

George Stanley McGovern, an American historian, U.S. Senator, and the Democratic party presidential candidate in 1972 published a report in 1977 published a report called the “McGovern Report” which advised the dietary guidelines for the United States. The funny thing to note here is McGovern is not in anyway connected to any kind of food research nor did he do any research. He just published the report without any authenticated studies.

The report stated that a large number of Americans are consuming fatty meat, saturated fats, cholesterol and sugar. The report stated that fatty meat is the main cause for obesity, heart problems, cancer and many other diseases.

American heart association, American diabetic association followed the study and advised heart patients and diabetic patients to decrease consuming meat and shift to cereals. The era of cornflakes & cereal breakfast options thus began. Americans were made to believe this and lot of lean products with less fat was introduced in the market.

Technical Report – Series – 916

In 2002, the World Health Organization which is a division of the United Nations and responsible for setting worldwide health standards released a document called “Technical Report Series – 916”. The document after thorough research says very specifically that sugar is a major cause for obesity and chronic metabolic diseases like diabetes.

The document really wanted to reduce sugar intake to 10% of daily calories recommended by various studies and scientists. The sugar industry was in chaos. There was high level lobbying in Washington by the sugar industry. George bush, then president of United states resisted the plan which would have fought obesity worldwide.

They said that it is too tough on the food industry. One of senators went directly to Geneva and told the World Health Organisation that if Technical Report Series – 916 is published with current recommendations, the Bush administration will withhold their huge contribution to WHO. This was a technical blackmail to stop that document.

The document was buried. Then, sugar industry lobbyists recommended that 25% calories in our daily diet should come from sugar.

Carbohydrate Is The Essential Fuel

So when fat and meat is villainized and sugar patronized after the ancel keys study and mcgovern report what do we eat? Carbohydrates became the essential fuel for the human body. Human body is designed to run on fat as fuel. We made a great mistake of running it with carbohydrate which resulted in so many of us being obese and contracting various diseases.

Hydrogenated & Refined Oils

All fast food, fried food, baked food, snacks, processed and packaged food are made of hydrogenated & refined oil. They are full of trans fat which is harmful to our health in many ways. They increase our bad cholesterol – ldl and decrease our good cholesterol – hdl.

They create an inflammation in our blood vessels leading to many diseases connected with the heart. Many of the sunflower oils in the market are hydrogenated or refined.

Indoor Sedentary Lifestyle

Until the 1990’s we spent a lot of time outdoors – for work as well as play. At outdoor work, there was a lot of hard work involved. Now in the era of computers, mobile phones & gadgets, our total lifestyle including work and play have shifted indoors.

The time we spend under the sun is getting very less. We lead a more sedentary lifestyle nowadays sitting most of the time doing desk work. We do not walk or cycle to work nowadays. Kids nowadays do not play outdoors and play indoor thro play station and mobile phones. So, adults to kids – indoor sedentary lifestyle is a big factor for obesity.

Indoor sedentary lifestyle has also made us highly deficient of a very important factor – vitamin d3. The main source of vitamin d3 is sunlight. our current lifestyle prevents us from getting direct sunlight.

Counting Calories

Counting calories in food and exercise.

Then came the concept of counting calories in food. People started counting calories in their food, brain washed in a way that whatever you eat, if you stay in your calorie limits you are fine enough. How foolish is this?

With just 1 simple example, you can understand the mistaken concept here.

20 almonds = 140 calories
1 can of coca cola = 140 Calories

Choose yourself – which is best here?

Then this calorie counting concept spread further to exercising. People started to work-out calculating their calories burned. Gyms even today have calorie burned display in their machines. Metabolic rate varies from individual to individual and this is an entire false calculation.

Eating Less, Exercise More

People started to believe in a myth called “Energy Balancing” also know an “Calories in, Calories out” thro which they kept a tag to exercise and burn the calories they ate. This did not work out. They started getting more obese following this concept.

The comparison of some Junk food calories to exercises are below-

Coca Cola 355 ml (150 calories) = 30 minutes of cycling

Medium pizza (2200 calories) = 120 minutes of jogging

Nobody can exercise that much. In fact, we don’t have the time to exercise that much. So, then came in the concept – “Eat less, Exercise more”. People started to eat lesser calories and do more exercise. This will work out for some days and then they feel they starve. In many cases there is some injury due to over exercising also. So they give up and start to “Eat more & Exercise less.”

Fad Diets

Almost all diets follow the calorie in vs calorie out concept. They are not sustainable. You can follow such diets only for a limited time and then you get bored. You gain more than you lost when you discontinue these diets.

The Actual Truths

Fat Is Good, Sugar Is Bad

John Yudkin, a British physiologist and nutritionist, and the founding professor of the department of nutrition at Queen Elizabeth College, London wrote a book in 1992 called “Pure, White and Deadly” in which he clearly states how sugar is harmful to us. He wrote lot of books about low carb diets. All his books which were heavily criticized when they were written are coming out as the biggest truths now

Change In US Dietary Guidelines

US Dietary Guidelines issued in 2015 made slight changes accepting the importance of fat in our diet encouraging us to be aware of the type of fat we eat. It also stated that dietary cholesterol does not play a major role in our blood cholesterol. It also advised to limit intake of added sugar to be less than 10% of total calories every day. These changes are just a start. Very soon, may be in less than a decade we can expect many more changes.

Cholesterol Is Not Bad

As a result of all these factors and improper studies people started to believe that cholesterol is bad. Statins came into play and was prescribed to everyone with high cholesterol. Actually total cholesterol is not a bad factor and not to be worried about at all. HDL is good cholesterol which has to be more. LDL is bad cholesterol which has to be under control. Triglycerides should be less. All these factors will be corrected to the proper levels by following a low carb keto lifestyle.

Fat Is The Essential Fuel

Fat is the essential fuel. When we eat high fat and low carb we keep our insulin level low, making us feel full and it curbs our hunger. Carbohydrate is the not the real fuel. When we eat food high in carbohydrates it spikes our insulin, increases our hunger pangs wanting us to eat more and more.

Keto Lifestyle For Weight Loss

Keto diet is the most easiest diet to win obesity, achieve proper weight and shape for your body without starving, carving or deprivation. You never starve – You eat upto your heart’s content on a keto lifestyle.

I remember a bryan adams song – “I’ve tried the latest lines from a to z, but there’s just one thing that looks good on me”. like these words in that song – “I’ve tried almost all the diets for losing my 140 kgs weight and found out the best, easiest and most importantly the healthiest way to lose weight, maintain it with superior health is by following a keto lifestyle.

Only in weight Loss,
a loser becomes a winner.
so, let us lose to win!

Welcome to keto lifestyle!
Welcome to strong health!
Welcome to live a disease free happy life!

What Is Keto Diet?

Keto = Maintaining your body in ketosis mode which happens by itself when you adopt a lifestyle eating food with high fat, very low carbohydrates and no sugar.

Keto diet is eating like how our ancestors ate during the paleolithic age almost 2.6 million years ago. Humans of the paleolithic age lived in small societies and thrived by eating meat, fishing, hunting and scavenging wild animals. Weapons were made out of stones and sticks. Human use of fire was discovered during the paleolithic age. Fire was mainly used to clear forests, to overcome cold and then for cooking meat. Eating cooked meat was one very important factor that differentiated humans from animals. It was during the paleolithic age we evolved as humans from animals.

Our ancestors who lived in tribes led a very healthy life.

They were hunter-gatherers whose main food came through hunting animals and gathering natural food.

They led a very active lifestyle. They had to walk, run for miles to hunt. They had to run, climb, swim often for survival.

They lived without any kind of stress.

They died a natural death, natural disasters that they could not guard themselves off or by the attack of wild animals.

Overall, they lived a healthy life and never died of any disease.

There was no obesity, diabetes, blood pressure or any lifestyle diseases in the paleolithic period.

Our caveman ancestors living in paleolithic age – illustration

Keto = Maintaining your body in ketosis mode which happens by itself when you adopt a lifestyle eating food with high fat, very low carbohydrates and no sugar.

Why Should We Follow Keto Diet?

Let us compare a human body with a car in this scenario. There are 2 types of fuel we use for cars – petrol & diesel. We use petrol as fuel for petrol cars and diesel as fuel for diesel cars.

In any circumstance, we will never fill diesel as fuel for a petrol car or diesel as fuel for a petrol car. What if we do that – fill the wrong fuel?

All parts will be affected leading to a engine jam which will make the car stop. We have to clean all parts to make the car run again. What if we keep doing this frequently? One day the engine will crash and the car will stop forever until the entire engine is replaced. Luckily in a car, the engine can be replaced – but in the human body?

Even though humans have evolved a lot as a civilization since the paleolithic age till today, our genetics have changed relative very little as only 0.01%. To put it from the perspective of food, human body is not really programmed to eat what we eat today like bread, rice, wheat, pulses, cereals, grains, fruits, pizza, noodle, burger, etc. Our genes were programmed to eat only meat and plants.

So, by eating what our genes don’t accept or what we are not supposed to eat – we are continuously hurting our body and health in many ways. This results in many diseases that affects our body starting from obesity to coronary heart diseases at a younger age. Just by changing our food habits and eating what our genes accept or what we are supposed to eat, we can overcome all our diseases and lead a supreme healthy life. To achieve this the only diet we can follow is keto diet.

Animals vs Humans

Imagine yourself going into a dense forest. We see a tiger there. Have you ever seen a tiger that is obese with a big belly and a bloated face? No.

When i ask the crowd in my presentations why the the tiger is not fat – i get the below answers
i) Tiger is non vegetarian
ii) Tiger eats only when it is hungry
iii) Tiger is active, it hunts, eats and roams

Next i display the photo of a deer and counter the crowd with the following questions

i) Deer eats only grass
ii) Deer also eats only when it is hungry
iii) Deer is active, it eats and roams
Then why is the deer not fat?

So the logic is not meat eater or grass eater here.

Tiger, by nature was created as a slim animal. It was designed naturally to eat meat it eats what it was designed to eat. It remains as it was created.

Deer, by nature was created as a slim animal. It was designed naturally to eat grass. It eats what it was designed to eat. it remains as it was created.

Bear, by nature was created as a obese animal. It was designed naturally to eat grass, insects, fish and meat. It eats what it was designed to eat. It remains as it was created.

Elephant, by nature was created as a obese animal. It was designed naturally to eat grass. It eats what it was designed to eat. it remains as it was created.

So all animals out there in the forests lead a happy disease free as they eat what they are designed to eat. They remain in the shape they were created.

Have you ever seen an elephant or a dog with type 2 diabetes?

The answer is yes.

There are elephants with diabetes in temples of south India. The reason is they are fed with huge quantities of rice and sugar balls.

There are dogs with diabetes which are grown in our homes. The reason is they are fed with rice with processed and packaged food.

So we humans deserve huge appreciation for spreading diabetes and many other diseases to animals too.

So as all animals out there in the forests lead a happy disease free life, remain in the shape they were created because they eat what they are designed to eat.

We humans with an extra brain have lost our shape from slim to obese and suffer from various diseases.

There are not many reasons for this. There is just one reason

“We broke the Genetics”

We eat what we are not supposed to eat. We do not eat what we are supposed to eat.
So the wrong foods we eat are the one and only reason that we are obese. We just correct our food and eat what we are supposed to eat, we will win obesity easily.

Keto Is A Lifestyle

Keto is not a diet, keto is a lifestyle.

The reason we follow keto diet is not to just win obesity or cure our health problems – the ultimate goal is to reach supreme health on all our health factors like hdl, triglycerides, hscrp, vitamin d, vitamin b12, iron, sgot, sgpt, etc. You lose the benefits of keto diet if you just follow it for a certain period until you get your problem solved and go out of it. To follow keto diet sincerely and properly you have to become keto, breathe keto and live keto. So you should not follow keto as a diet for just some days. You should follow keto as your lifestyle forever to reap all the great benefits of supreme health.

Other diets can be followed by prescription of a standard or a tailored diet chart, keto lifestyle can be followed fully only if you can understand it. So, i request you to understand the basics of keto lifestyle which i have put in a very simplified way in this weight loss guide, follow it, explore it and adopt to it. Please do not follow this blindly. The essence and happiness of following a low carb high fat keto lifestyle lies in understanding this concept thoroughly and then following it.

Benefits Of Following Keto Lifestyle

There is a widely misunderstood logic that keto diet is followed only for weight loss. There are lot of other diseases and problems that can be overcome fully by following keto lifestyle.

Keto lifestyle improve your immunity levels prohibiting you from being easily prone to many diseases. Age reversal is another great benefit of following a keto lifestyle. There are also lot of research and studies going on that ketogenic diet which is the advanced method of keto diet can cure autism, cancer and many heart diseases.

Benefitted Diseases

The keto diet combined with intermittent fasting has been helping hundreds of thousands of people cure or improve the symptoms of below health issues. You can too!

Acid reflux
Back pain
Bad breath
Blood pressure
Fatty Liver
Heart disease
Irregular periods
Irritable bowel syndrome
Mental health
Mood disorders
Multiple sclerosis
Pcos / Pcod
Sleep apnea
Thyroid problems
Weight loss
Auto immune diseases &
Lifestyle diseases

There are also a lot of research and studies going on that ketogenic diet can cure autism, cancer and many heart and kidney diseases.

Simple Solution

Adopting the food habits & lifestyle of our tribal ancestors will solve all our health woes.

Our tribal ancestors ate only fat & protein.

If we avoid carbohydrates from our food habits, eat only fat and protein like our ancestors, exercise everyday – we will get rid of obesity, all our health problems and acheive super strong health.

Let’s Go Keto

To overcome all our problems, win obesity, reduce our weight and reach supreme health, we have to start eating and living like how our ancestor caveman lived in the Paleolithic age. But in today’s modern world it is impossible to live like a caveman. Cavemen were hunters. But in many parts of the world, if we go hunting today they will throw us in prison. The best we can do is adopt to keto lifestyle according to today’s world. In short, we can live like a modern caveman. We have to take the concept of keto, understand it, modify it and follow it according to today’s lifestyle.

Blood Test Before Going Keto

As you are going through a lifestyle modification, it is recommended to take a complete blood test before you start keto lifestyle. The blood test will let you know the deficiencies in your body. We can adjust the diet according to the blood test results and concentrate on strengthening the deficiencies. Periodically testing blood at least once in six months to ensure there is improvement in the deficiencies and keep everything in check.

Blood Test – Required Parameters

Diabetic Screen

Cardiac Risk Markers
Triglycerides/HDL ratio

Creatinine – Serum
Urine Microalbumin
Microalbumin /
Creatinine ratio
Uric Acid

Liver / Pancreas
Hepatitis B

Free T3
Free T4

Other factors
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D

How Do We Lose Weight In Keto?

Leptin Resistance

Leptin is the satiety hormone released from our fat cells to our brain and tells our brain that it is satisfied with the food the body has taken and it can burn energy. Leptin gives a satisfaction feeling and controls our hunger pangs and let us exercise with the energy we have.

When you are obese, you have high levels of leptin because you have huge fat in your body as leptin is released from the fat cells. This is the actual job of leptin but if leptin was working the way it should have and gave us the satisfaction factor and controlled our hunger pangs, we would not have over eaten and we would not have been obese.

Somewhere, something went very wrong. Leptin is not working in our body. This is called Leptin resistance.


Insulin is the most important and very closely related factor with losing weight. Without reducing insulin there is no way that we can lose a substantial amount of weight – no matter how hard we exercise and diet.

Whenever we eat food with lot of carbohydrates and sugar, there is a spike of insulin in our body and our insulin level goes high. The job of Insulin is to convert sugar into fat and store them in our fat cells. Insulin also prevents the use of already stored fat by our body as energy. Insulin also blocks leptin at the brain and deprive us of our feeling of satiety and make us more hungry. The more the insulin goes and the more hungrier we get. This make us gain weight.

When we eat food with lot of fat, very low carbohydrates and no sugar, there is no or very less release of insulin by our body. We have little or no insulin in our blood, our fat cells are free to release their stored energy back into our blood for our. Leptin also starts working giving us the feeling of satiety controlling our hunger. This make us lose weight.

When the insulin level in our body is low we don’t get hungry and we feel very active. When the insulin level in our body is high we get hungry immediately and we feel tired.

We keep the insulin level in our body very low and make leptin work by following a low carb high fat keto lifestyle. So, we have to avoid foods which makes our insulin level high.


Ketosis is the process that happens in our body when we start fuelling our body with fat instead of carbohydrate and sugar. This is normal in a low carb high fat diet.

When we start eating very less carbohydrate, moderate protein and high fat, ketones are produced from our liver from the fat we eat and the fat that is already stored.

In the process of ketosis the body starts running on fat which makes it easy for the body to access stored fat which results in weight loss

Benefits Of Going Keto

There is a widely misunderstood logic that ketofasto lifestyle is followed only for weight loss.

The immediate benefits of ketofasto lifestyle are as given below

Weight loss
Age reversal
Disease prevention
Prevent inflammation
Brain function
Gut health
Improved sleep
Glowing skin
High immunity
Improved sex life
Kicks away bad habits
Positive thinking
Fitness addiction

Learn To Track Macros

Macro – the short form of macronutrients is what our food is made up of. Whatever we eat and drink, all the food and drinks are made up of many macro nutrients like fat, carbohydrate, protein, vitamins like vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin d, vitamin b 12 and minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, etc. We can also know the calories we consume by tracking macros.

Tracking macros in food is not a hard one like old days. Just ‘Google’ your food name and you will know exactly what macros your food or drink is made up of. So track your macros, understand your food and eat every food.

We do not count calories in keto lifestyle. We count only the macros in grams.
Learning to track macros make us understand the food we eat. By learning to track macros, you can easily derive how much fat, protein and carbohydrate you are eat every day. This will be very helpful for your keto lifestyle.

Macros – illustration

Tacking Macros Using Google

Just type the name of the food item in google search box and google will give you the macros of that food.

You can add the term ‘nutritional value’ to your food name.

Using google for tracking macros – pic

What To Avoid?

Smoking, Alcohol & Tobacco

Not only keto lifestyle, any diet you follow if you don’t stop smoking, alcohol & tobacco you cannot achieve proper weight loss. Maybe you lose your initial water weight but you will get stuck at a plateau very soon.

Even a small amount of alcohol destroys your regular metabolic system. Liver will prioritize to break down alcohol instead of your fat storage which will stall your weight loss. Very simple, when you drink alcohol, you will not be able to burn fat.

Smoking, alcohol & tobacco are toxic and leaves a lot of trace of the toxin on our lungs & liver. If your lungs & liver are not clean, you cannot lose weight.

Alcohol also increases your appetite for carbohydrates. Even after you have achieved your weight loss successfully, smoking, alcohol & tobacco will always stop you from achieving supreme health.


I already said that sugar is one of the main reasons for obesity. When i ask people to avoid sugar, they ask me if they can avoid white sugar and take healthy sugars like brown sugar, palm sugar etc. or artificial sugars like stevia. There is nothing like healthy sugars. Any form of sugar is unhealthy.

90% of the processed food we find today have added sugar.

Sugar can hide behind many names agace nectar, barley male, barbados sugar, beet sugar, blackstrap molasses, brown sugar, buttered syrup, cane crystals, cane juice, cane sugar, caramel, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, confectioner’s sugar, carob syrup, castor sugar, date sugar, dehydrated cane juice, demerara sugar, dextran, diastatic malt, diatase, ethyl maltol, free flowing brown sugars, fructose, fruit juice, fruit juice concentrate, glucose, glucose solids, golden sugar, grape sugar, honey, icing sugar, invert sugar, lactose, malt, maltodextrin, maltose, malt syrup, molasses, muscovado, panocha, powdered sugar, raw sugar, refiner’s syrup, rice syrup, sorbitol, sorghum syrup, sucrose, sugar (granulated), treacle, turbinado sugar, yellow sugar, and the most dangerous high fructose corn syrup. Any form of sugar is poison.

Junk Food, Fast Food & Processed Food

Think you have a kid in your house. Will you ever think even in your dreams to teach that kid to drink or smoke? No. You won’t. But, we get them addicted to the harmful habit of junk food, fast food & processed food right from their young age.

Yes, I mean it. Junk food is equally harmful as drinking & smoking. All processed food have hidden harmful ingredients like added sugar, corn syrup, etc. These make us obese and sick with many diseases.

Low Fat Food

Any food from which if fat is removed tastes horrible. So, to make the low fat food tasty sugar and corn syrup or other tasty ingredients are added. All this ingredients are full of sugar. They are harmful and dangerous.


To keep your insulin level low and to maintain your body in ketosis, your daily intake of carbohydrate must be less than 20 gms. This will easily come from the vegetable we eat. So we avoid all other form of carbohydrates. Avoiding carbohydrates also cut our hunger pangs.


All fruits are full of sucrose which spikes our insulin level. Eating fruits may cause fatty liver and will kick us out of ketosis.

Grains, Cereals, Pulses & Legumes

All grains, cereals, pulses & legumes are again the products of agriculture. They have high carbohydrate content and high in anti-nutrients. Eating them are like inserting our hand into a snake pit. They cause inflammation in our blood vessels which increase our hscrp levels resulting in heath diseases.

Peanuts & Soya are legumes too and should be avoided. Tofu is a by-product of soya and must be avoided. Corn should be avoided.

Many human beings have gluten intolerance and grains do more harm to them.

Hydrogenated & Refined Oils

All fast food, fried food, baked food, snacks, processed and packaged food are made of hydrogenated & refined oil. They are full of trans fat which is harmful to our health in many ways.

They increase our bad cholesterol – ldl and decrease our good cholesterol – hdl. They create an inflammation in our blood vessels leading to many diseases connected with the heart. Many of the sunflower oils in the market are hydrogenated or refined.


Even though we can eat diary related products like butter, cheese, paneer, full fat yogurt and kefir – but we will avoid milk in a low carb high fat keto lifestyle.

List Of Foods To Be Avoided

Our main aim on a keto diet is to limit the carbohydrate intake to less than 20 grams a day.

Maida flour
Hydrogenated oil
Refined oil
Sweetened drinks
Artificial sweeteners
Processed food
Fast food
Junk food

What You Can Eat?

Sea food
Paneer (Farmer’s cheese)

Macadamia nuts

Coconut oil
Heavy cream


Coconut (Use in moderation)

Low Carb Vegetables

All leafy vegetables
Ash gourd
Bell pepper
Bitter gourd
Bottle gourd
Chilli (Green chilli & red chilli)
Curry leaf
Drum stick
Fenugreek leaves
Green onions
Lady’s finger
Pepper (all kinds)
Peppermint leaves
Plantain stem
Ridge gourd
Snake gourd
Winter melon

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Pumpkin seeds
Flax seeds
Sunflower seeds

What You Can Drink?

Black coffee
Black tea
Keto coffee
Keto tea
Green tea
Jasmine tea
Lime tea
Lime juice
Turmeric water
Bone broth soup

Keto Cooking

Grilled, Tandoor, Boiled only.
Do not deep fry food.
Use cold pressed coconut oil, ghee or butter for cooking all dishes.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Use only cold pressed coconut oil for cooking.

Use only himalayan rock salt.
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Himalayan Rock Salt

Cold pressed coconut oil
Use only cold pressed coconut oil for cooking
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How Much Should You Eat?

For the first few days, until you get adopted to keto lifestyle, do not bother about how much you eat. Eat up to your heart’s content. If you are still hungry after you finish a meal, you can add some vegetables, eggs or paneer to make yourself feel satisfied. The rule is you should not starve. In some days, after you get fat adopted – you can stick to the actual keto meal plans.

When you count macros, make sure you do not eat more than 20 grams of carbohydrates in a day to keep weight loss going. This 20 gms of carbohydrates will come from the vegetables you eat daily.

Protein can be 1 to 1.2 gm per kg of your body weight. Ex, If you are 100 kgs you can take upto 100 to 120 gms of protein in a day. Rest of the macros can come from fat. Fat should be the major macronutrient of your food. The easy way to calculate macros is to cover the base first with carbohydrates and protein and the rest with fat. Keep your calories intake between 1300-1500 for weight loss.

I would say that you need not calculate everything. Keto lifestyle is about flexibility. After some days you will know when to eat, what to eat and how much to eat. Go by what your heart asks.

No Snacking

We eat only the meals. Strictly no snacking in between meals in keto lifestyle. Three meals or two meals or one meal a day – we eat only the meal. We don’t snack anything in between.


Exercise is a very important factor for rapid weight loss in ketofasto lifestyle.

In the initial phase, you will lose weight even without any exercise. It is water weight loss. But after that phase, exercise is very essential to continue weight loss.

For the first one week after starting ketofasto lifestyle do less exercise. Let your body get accustomed to the new ketofasto lifestyle without any difficulty or tiredness.

After the first week, start exercising every day.

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Drink a cup of strong black coffee with 1 table spoon of MCT oil 15-30 minutes before you exercise. This will boost your energy for exercise.
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Walking is the best exercise for weight loss in ketofasto for the first hundred days.

Other rigorous exercises may make you tired. When you become tired there are huge chances that you will skip the ketofasto lifestyle and indulge in food full of carbohydrates and sugar.

Start walking slowly for thirty minutes in a day and slowly increase the speed and time every day. Sixty to ninety minutes of fast walking every day will add a great deal to your rapid weight loss. If you cannot do sixty to ninety minutes at one go, you can split thirty to forty-five minutes in the morning and thirty to forty-five minutes in the evening.

Track your steps & distance during walking / jogging exercise with an activity tracker band, sync it to your mobile for motivation & self-record.

Count your steps only during exercise time – there is very less use wearing the band whole day – You can even split your walking exercise morning & evening.

Men : 8000 steps to 10000 steps & Ladies : 6000 steps to 8000 steps every day.

Stair Climbing

Stair climbing is a great exercise. It helps improve your stamina and heart health. Do stair climbing after you finish walking.

Tracker Band
We recommend the Mi Band 5
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You can buy any tracker that suits your budget
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Gym / Body Building

Gym, bodybuilding and weight training are great exercises in ketofasto lifestyle. A lot of recent studies have proven that good muscle can be built without adding carbohydrates.

If you prefer to work-out at the gym, limit your cardio and do more of weight training.

Gym Supplement

The only supplement we recommend for body building is ‘Creatine Monohydrate (Micronized)’ for bigger muscles.
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Follow dosage advised on the bottle. You can take creatine monohydrate before or after your work-out.

Drink a cup of strong black coffee with 1 table spoon of MCT oil 15-30 minutes before you hit the gym. This will boost your energy for lifting.
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There is absolutely no need for any other pre work out, bcaa, whey protein, post work out supplements if you eat eggs & meat everyday.

Intermittent Fasting

Fasting = Following a Intermittent fasting lifestyle where you eat only during a particular time (eating window) and fast for the remaining time (fasting window).

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

The nutritionist & the trainer at our gym says

“Break your food throughout the day and eat six small meals so your metabolism stays operating at maximum capacity all day long.”

We have been long for now reading and hearing these advises.

But my dear friends – these are advertisements, not science.

These were just planted in our minds by the cereals and processed food companies out there who cannot sell their products to us if we skip breakfast.

In paleolithic age, our ancestors would leave the cave early in the morning to hunt. He does not eat or drink anything when he leaves. After the hunt, he does not eat the hunt there. He carries the hunt back to his cave, roasts it in fire and eat with his tribe in the evening. He has fed only on vegetables and wild berries which he got in between. They have healthily survived only on one single mega meal in the evening.

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where we skip some meals purposely and eat only during a certain time of the day. For ex, skipping breakfast and eat only lunch and dinner (or) skipping breakfast and lunch and eat only dinner.

The science behind intermittent fasting is very simple. Fasting keeps your insulin level low which increases the burning of stored fat. This results in rapid weight loss. Intermittent fasting stimulates fat loss in the belly.

Intermittent Fasting – Windows

Intermittent fasting can be classified into 2 windows – fasting window & feeding window. the duration u fast is the fasting window & the duration u eat is the feeding window.

While starting keto lifestyle for weight loss we start with 12:12 (12 hours fasting window : 12 hours eating window). We will eat 3 meals during this stage.

After 30 days we move on to 16:8 mode (16 hours fasting window : 8 hours eating window). We will eat 3 meals during this stage.

After 50 days we move on to 20:4 mode (20 hours fasting window : 4 hours eating window). We will eat 2 meals during this stage.

After 60 days we introduce 23:1 mode (23 hours fasting window : 1 hour eating window) once every week. We will eat 1 mega meal during this mode.

Then until we complete weight loss, we follow 3 days in 20:4 mode followed by 1 day in 23:1 mode and repeat this cycle.

After weight loss is complete, we follow 16:8 everyday and do 23:1 fast once in a week.

During fasting window you can drink green tea, black coffee, and black tea. Technically you can drink anything that does not have calories during your fasting window. Even then you can if you don’t have the feeling of satiety, you can drink one or two table spoons of coconut oil during the fasting window.

Exercising during the fast and prolonging the fast after exercise increases fat burning and weight loss.

Intermittent fasting is an eating system where we eat only during a specific period of the day and fast for the remaining period of the day.

Intermittent fasting is followed in several windows viz 12:12 , 16:8 , 20:4 , 23:1 on a daily basis. There are also extended fasts where we fast for more than one day.

OMAD – One meal a day is a kind of intermittent fasting where a person eats only one huge meal a day.

Intermittent fasting induces ketosis in our body which results in speedy weight loss.

During fasting window you can drink

Black coffee
Black tea
Green tea

Technically you can drink anything that does not have calories during your fasting window.

Even then if you don’t have the feeling of satiety, you can drink one or two tablespoons of mct oil during the fasting window for some days to get accustomed.

Exercising during the fasting window and prolonging the fast after exercise increases fat burning and weight loss.

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Auto = self + phagy = eating
Autophagy = self-eating

When you prolong your intermittent fasting for more than a specified time, autophagy happens by itself in your body. When autophagy happens, your body starts cleansing all dead cells by default.

Autophagy is the natural program of our body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells to regenerate newer, healthier cells

Prolonged intermittent fasting induces autophagy.

Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting continuously breaks your cells refreshing them preventing you from contradicting lot of diseases like alzheimer’s disease, cancer, etc.

Stimulates your brain function, improves your clarity of mind that results in good focus and concentration.

Lowers your blood cholesterol and triglycerides which increases your heart health.

Reverses lot of diseases including type 2 diabetes.

Rejuvenates your skin, prevents wrinkles in your skin, resulting in age reversal.

Enhances cleansing, strengthening and rebuilding of all our cells them through a system called autophagy.

Boosts our immunity system helping fight again infection.

Decreases inflammation.

increases your quality of sleep.

Increases your life span.

Deficiencies & Supplements

Most deficient factors in our body can be enhanced naturally by suitable food. However, supplements are very important to overcome current deficiency in our body immediately and maintain strong health.

Many people think that supplements are like medicine. But the difference is we take medicine for some kind of sickness. Whereas, we take supplements to prevent our body from getting sick.

Supplements does not do any harm to our body and can be taken without any doubt.

Vitamin D3 Deficiency

Vitamin D3 is a very important for general health. Vitamin D3 keeps our bones strong and protects us from many health problems. Vitamin D3 is also good for hearth health. Vitamin D3 is also a very important factor during weight loss to maintain our bones strong.

The best way to get vitamin D3 is from direct sunlight. Taking Sun bath twenty minutes every day or Forty minutes three days in a week is good. Maximum exposure of your body is advised. The exact time suitable for sun bath in your region everyday can be found using the app ‘Dminder’

Many working people and people from colder countries where there is no enough sunlight cannot take sunbath. In such a case, the only way to enhance your vitamin d levels is by taking vitamin D3 supplements.

For maximum benefits, Vitamin D3 supplementation must be taken as per the Vitamin D3 protocol.

Vitamin D3 Protocol = Vitamin D3 + K2 (MK7) + Magnesium

Vitamin D3 + K2 (MK7) : enhances Vitamin D3 and K2 (MK7)
Follow dosage advised on the bottle. Can be taken after any meal.
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Magnesium : enhances Magnesium
Follow dosage advised on the bottle. Take before sleep.
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Buy : (if you can afford, this is a great supplement)

Increase HDL

Omega 3 : enhances heart health, enhances HDL, decreases HSCRP
Follow dosage advised on the bottle. Can be taken after any meal.
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Buy : (if you can afford, this is a great supplement)

Reduce HSCRP

Raw Turmeric Paste : decreases HSCRP, improves overall immunity
Dosage : 1 table spoon a day after a fatty meal
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Iron Deficiency

Iron is very important for general health.

Especially for women, iron plays a vital role.

The best way to get iron is from eating liver twice or thrice in a week.

For people who cannot eat liver, the only way to enhance your iron levels is by taking iron supplements.

Follow dosage advised on the bottle. Can be taken after any meal.
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Buy : (if you can afford, this is a great supplement)

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 : enhances B12
Follow dosage advised on the bottle. Can be taken after any meal.
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Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has lot of benefits – viz, decreases sugar level, decreases uric acid, decreases blood pressure and many other benefits.
We recommend Bragg organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar only as it comes with ‘the mother’.

Dosage : Pour 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a big glass of water. Dilute well and drink after dinner before sleep.
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Probiotics : Enhances Gut Health

Follow dosage advised on the bottle. Can be taken after any meal.
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Hair Loss Supplements

Biotin : controls hair loss
Follow dosage advised on the bottle. Can be taken after any meal.
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Shampoo : Use thick & full biotin collagen conditioner for shampooing
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Hair Oil : Use only cold pressed coconut oil for your hair
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Bone Health

Bone health is very important for our long life and super strong health.

Keeping our bones strong is the first step to maintain a healthy immune system.

Especially after the age of 35, if we don’t take extra care our bones will begin to lose mass.

Ignorance of strengthening our bones might result in osteoporosis and other bone-related diseases.

Bone Broth Soup

Drink bone broth soup every alternate day in between meals.

Bone broth soup helps to maintain your bones very strong.

Bone broth soup must be made only with slow cooker to get the real benefit.

Slow cook for 18-24 hours.

Bone broth soup = leg bones of any meat + seasoning + himalayan rock salt.

You can add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to add to the taste (this is optional).

You can add a tablespoon of raw turmeric paste (this is optional).

Bergner elite inox stainless steel slow cooker (6 L)
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Sabichi haden 3.5 ltr stainless steel slow cooker
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Tooth Maintenance

Tooth maintenance is a very important factor to maintain strong health. When we avoid sugar naturally we avoid decay of tooth and increase the strength of tooth. But still, the best way to maintain our tooth is to visit the dentist once in six months, clean our tooth and listen to dentist advise.

Oil gargling before brushing our tooth every morning prevents bleeding gums, strengthens the gums and tooth health.

Tooth maintenance is a very important factor to maintain super strong health.

When we avoid sugar naturally we avoid decay of tooth and increase the strength of our tooth.

But still, the best way to maintain our tooth is to visit the dentist once in six months, clean our tooth and listen to dentist’s advise.

Oil gargling (cold pressed coconut oil) before brushing our tooth every morning prevents bleeding gums, strengthens the gums and tooth health.

We strongly advise you to clean all the food waste from your tooth sides after every meal with an inter-dental toothbrush.

We recommend Thermoseal narrow space brush.
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Thumb Rules For Weight Loss

Weight loss is a process. Don’t fix any target time frame. Be patient enough.

Everyone has a different body composition. Do not compare your weight loss with someone else.

Maintain a daily weight loss journal. Check weight every three days and record it.

Record your everyday food in the journal.

Everyday exercise is compulsory.

Do not over exercise.

Do not starve. Make sure you eat enough meals.

No snacking. Eat only the meals.

Sleep is very important.

Do not make it as a diet. You should always keep in mind it is a lifestyle and enjoy it every day.

Pain Points & Challenges

Carb Flu

As discussed earlier we have been running a ‘petrol’ car with ‘diesel’ as fuel for these many days. Now, we are going to change the fuel again to right fuel – ‘petrol’. Similarly in our case, we have been running our body on the wrong fuel ‘carbohydrates’ and now we switch over to the correct fuel ‘fat. Your body has been running on carb for a long time.

You have been hitting sugar hard till now. Cutting carbs and sugar suddenly and making our body run on fat is a huge change in metabolism. Your body will take some days to adjust to this metabolic change.

Symptoms of carb flu are tiredness, dizziness, fatigue, frequent headaches, cramps & sometimes mild fever. This carb flu will last for three to five days in very rare cases one to two weeks.
When you have this feeling of flu, never give up and go out of keto.

Just eat more & more fat. You can eat raw butter.

Limit your protein intake.

Drink lot of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Drink lime juice with himalayan rock salt frequently.

Do not make the mistake of taking any form of sugar.

Do mild exercise like walking even if you are tired.

These will make your transition easy from carbohydrate and sugar and make your fat adopted.

Sugar & Carbohydrate Carvings

For the first few days when you get fat adopted you will have craving to eat carbohydrates & sugar.

This can overcome by the below methods.

Eat more fat.

Make sure you eat all meals upto your heart’s content.

Make sure you are not starving.

You can feed on nuts & coconut when you have this craving.

You can eat dark chocolate (85% or higher dark) to come out of this craving.


Constipation is one of the most common problem that happens while adopting to keto lifestyle.

This is due to the metabolic changes that our system is going through.

Eat more fat. Add some butter to your dinner.

Eat more vegetables & greens.

Take pro-biotic products like cultured yoghurt, kefir, etc.

Drink lot of water added with himalayan rock salt.

Take magnesium supplements.

Psyllium husk : 1 table spoon in a big glass of water early morning.
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Triphala churna before sleep
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Eat more fat.

Add some butter to your dinner.

Take probiotic products like cultured yoghurt, kefir, etc.

Drink lot of water added with himalayan rock salt.

Take magnesium supplements.

Eating Out & Travel

Once you are accustomed to keto lifestyle, know how to track your macros and understand what you eat – eating out in restaurants is very easy in keto lifestyle. You by yourself know what to eat and what not to eat at any restaurant.

Any food in grilled, barbeque or tandoor style will be fine. eat the mayonnaise. Instead, trade it for butter.

During travel, it is very easy to find restaurants that serve eggs, meat & paneer. Carry hand roasted almonds and other nuts with you for you. You can buy cheese and butter locally.

Festivals & Cheat meals

Once in while we will have to go in for non keto cheat meals full of carbohydrates & sugar, especially during festivals that are celebrated at home. This also happens sometimes when we travel. One or two days are okay. Make sure that you don’t prolong these cheat days.

After the last cheat meal go in for a sixteen to twenty hour fast to make your body return to keto mode and continue you with your keto food.

When you cheat one problem that occurs is muscle cramps. Drink lot of water with lemon whenever you cheat to get ease from cramps. Magnesium supplements & apple cider vinegar will also help.

Keto Myths

Kidney Damage

Keto lifestyle will lead to kidney damage – this is the biggest myth that is spread about being keto. Many people still believe that a low carb diet is high in protein. This is a myth. Keto lifestyle is high in fat, not protein. The amount of protein is taken in moderate like any other diet. As keto lifestyle is high only in fat and not high in protein, the whole fear that our kidneys will be damaged does not exist at all.

As an added advantage, by lowering blood sugars and keeping our insulin in control, low carb keto lifestyle actually protects the kidneys from damage. For people with diabetes, this will be more useful.

Saturated Fat Is Bad

Saturated fat will create block in the arteries and lead to heart attack – This is one of the biggest propagated nutrition myth of the last few decades. Lot of recent researches has again and again proved that natural saturated fats are healthy for us and it is not in any way connected with heart disease.

Increase Cholesterol

Low carb high fat diets will increase cholesterol is a myth again. Keto lifestyle will increase good cholesterol (HDL) and decrease triglycerides which is very good for heart health.

Decrease Brain Function

Decreased Brain FunctionThe brain needs carbohyrates to function – this is a myth. On a low carb diet, the brain is fuelled by fat. The fat get converted in the liver to ketones, that are used by the brain as fuel. Ketones give our brain more clarity and concentration power. The brain does not need even a little of carbohydrates.


Low carb diets will lead to depression – this is a myth. In the initial phase of the diet for some days we will have symptoms of depression. This is called carb flu, which is because of the metabolic changes our body is going through.
In fact in low carb high fat diets, getting into ketosis makes people very energetic and can increase mental function.

Poor Endurance For Exercise

Low carb diets will lead to poor endurance for exercising – this is a myth. The reality is low carb high fat keto lifestyle will enhance our endurance. Recently, lot of sports people and teams have been ditching carb and turning to low carb diets.

Cholesterol Is Not Bad

As a result of all these factors and improper studies people started to believe that cholesterol is bad. Statins came into play and was prescribed to everyone with high cholesterol. Actually total cholesterol is not a bad factor and not to be worried about at all. HDL is good cholesterol which has to be more. LDL is bad cholesterol which has to be under control. Triglycerides should be less. All these factors will be corrected to the proper levels by following a low carb keto lifestyle.

Spread Keto

Keto won’t spread by itself. As we eat only real food, there are no specific products or supplements we sell thro keto. So, keto diet is not commercially profitable to any industry. Even the Government does not get any direct or indirect tax by popularizing keto diet.

Keto and other low carb diets will always get the least rating of all diets every year. These rating are indirectly done by the food industry. Why should the food industry rate a diet which will dent all their profit?

If you have been benefitted following keto life style, pls spread it to everyone. Especially people affected by type 2 diabetes and other diseases caused by carb and sugar sensitivity are very much in need of keto diet today.

Keto will be the future!
Spread Keto,
Spread Strong Health,
Spread Happiness!

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Coffee Powder
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Green Tea
Korakundah green tea (the best green tea i prefer)
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Green Tea = boil water in a pan until u see the bubbles, then put 2 tablespoons green tea leaves in the boiled water, close the pan for 5 minutes, filter the leaves and drink the tea with lemon (do not boil the water with the leaves).

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Ketofasto Meal Plans

Egg + Non-Vegetarian Meal Plans

Weight loss meal plan (egg + non-veg)
Thyroid meal plan (egg + non-veg)
Autoimmune diseases meal plan (egg + non-veg)
Arthritis meal plan (egg + non-veg)
Gout meal plan (egg + non-veg)
Pre diabetic meal plan (egg + non-veg)
Diabetic meal plan (egg + non-veg)
Blood pressure meal plan (egg + non-veg)
Kidney stone meal plan (egg + non-veg)
Maintenance meal plan (egg + non-veg)

Egg + Vegetarian Meal Plans

Weight loss meal plan (egg + veg)
Thyroid meal plan (egg + veg)
Autoimmune diseases meal plan (egg + veg)
Arthritis meal plan (egg + veg)
Gout meal plan (egg + veg)

Pre diabetic meal plan (egg + veg)
Diabetic meal plan (egg + veg)
Blood pressure meal plan (egg + veg)
Kidney stone meal plan (egg + veg)
Maintenance meal plan (egg + veg)

Pure Vegetarian Meal Plans

Weight loss meal plan (pure veg)
Thyroid meal plan (pure veg)
Autoimmune diseases meal plan (pure veg)
Arthritis meal plan (pure veg)
Gout meal plan (pure veg)

Pre diabetic meal plan (pure veg)
Diabetic meal plan (pure veg)
Blood pressure meal plan (pure veg)
Kidney stone meal plan (pure veg)
Maintenance meal plan (pure veg)

Medical Guidance

For those who are under any medication, please follow One Meal A Diet only under the approval & guidance of your doctor.


Stop alcohol / smoking / tobacco habits immediately – otherwise benefits of ketofasto lifestyle won’t work effectively for you.

This weight loss guide is not prescribed by an approved doctor or dietitian. It is prescribed out of self knowledge & learning. Show this meal plan to your doctor before starting ketofasto lifestyle.

To check your current deficiencies and to record progress, take a blood test before starting ketofasto lifestyle and repeat blood test once in four months.

If you are under any medication – especially in the case of diabetes, blood pressure and other lifestyle diseases, do not stop or reduce any medication without consulting your doctor.
Stopping or reducing any medication by yourself will be highly dangerous and is not advised at all.

Visit your doctor periodically, inform him about your progress and get his advise.

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