Keto Coffee

Keto coffee is one meal.
You can drink only one keto coffee in a day.
More than one keto coffee in a day will kick you out of weight loss mode.
Apart from one keto coffee, you can have one MCT oil black coffee in a day.
Avoid keto coffee in the night as it will affect sleep.

Keto coffee is a sumptuous hunger & heart fulfilling one meal in keto, paleo, low carb lifestyle.
Just have a keto coffee for breakfast or lunch and it will keep you hunger free for 4 to 6 hours.
Keto coffee boosts your physical and mental energy.

Ingredients: Butter, Coffee powder, MCT Oil, Water

Products used:

Davidoff coffee powder (the best coffee powder i prefer)
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Keto Coffee = coffee powder (as per your preference) + 1 table spoon MCT oil + 30 gms butter + hot water.

You can either nicely stir the above with a blender and drink
prepare the black coffee with butter, then add mct oil and stir nicely with a spoon.
You can substitute tea powder instead of coffee powder.

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