Hair Loss

This happens only for a very few people due to the dietary change.

But this hair loss is just temporary and will happen only for a few days.

Make sure your protein intake is good.
In case of hair loss, use below

Biotin : controls hair loss
Follow dosage advised on the bottle. Can be taken after any meal.
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Shampoo : Use thick & full biotin collagen conditioner for shampooing
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Hair Oil : Use only cold pressed coconut oil for your hair
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Apply onion juice on your scalp at the night.

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2 thoughts on “Hair Loss”

    • there is no need for any protein supplement if you are taking enough meat and eggs. the protein you need comes from the meat and eggs you eat. if you are so peculiar about taking a protein supplement, make sure you take zero carb protein supplements.

      the below supplement is an ideal one with the lowest carbs and cost efficient.


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