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My highest weight was 140 kgs. I was overweight, pre-diabetic, had blood pressure, heavy snorer, led a very lazy lifestyle and had acute gout attacks frequently. If I had lived the same way, I would have been a dead man now.

I was an occasional smoker, an alcoholic, and an extreme foodie. I was so much fond of beers, rice, roti, cakes & ice cream.

I was advised lifelong drugs at the age of thirty-eight for pre-diabetes, blood pressure and to keep my uric acid in control which caused frequent acute gout attacks that were so painful.

I was also advised by the best doctors that I had to avoid non-vegetarian food for the rest of my life to keep my uric acid in control so that I don’t get gout attacks.

For six months, I followed the doctor’s advises sincerely taking medicines every day. I also stopped eating non-vegetarian food. Even then, I had frequent gout attacks.

That is when I decided that something is wrong in the entire system and started searching for an alternate way.

The best thing in my life happened. I met my low carb guru Mr. Neander Selvan. He advised me to follow low carb high fat lifestyle to reduce my body weight and to overcome all my health problems. I never looked back after that.

Once I started feeling the powerful & positive effects of low carb lifestyle on my health and body – I started to dwell deep into this subject. I was fascinated and inspired by Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Robert Lustig, Dr. Mark Hyman, Prof Tim Noakes, Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Paul Mason and began to read and follow more of them.

At the peak of my weight loss journey, i reached 70 kgs and i look only half my age. I lost nearly half my weight following a low carb high fat keto lifestyle. I also mastered the art of intermittent fasting.

Now, I am in the process of adding more muscle through bodybuilding.

During my weight loss journey combined with keto & intermittent fasting, I experimented a lot of weight loss techniques with my own body and recorded all the results.

I have overcome all my health problems following a low carb high fat keto lifestyle and am a very fit person today. I have achieved strong health, highly positive mindset and all my blood factors are perfect.

I have guided many people into successful weight loss and get rid of their type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver, thyroid, gout, arthritis, thyroid, gerd, acid reflux, psoriasis and many other lifestyle diseases.

In my experience, I found out that many people understand this science only if it reaches them in a very simplified way. So, i framed this ketofasto weight loss guide to help obese people start from scratch to successful weight loss and people with lifestyle diseases get rid of their health problems.

Through this Ketofasto weight loss guide – I will guide you in a very simplified method how to make a successful weight loss journey, get rid of your lifestyle diseases and achieve super strong health following a low carb high fat keto + intermittent fasting lifestyle.

About Ketofasto Weight Loss Guide

As said already, I followed a keto + intermittent fasting lifestyle for losing nearly half my weight, overcome a lot of my health problems and gained superior health. Traveling through this weight loss journey, I studied a lot of books & articles tried them on myself and recorded the results practically.

After i finished my weight loss journey, I have helped a lot of obese people around the world to follow low carb lifestyle combined with intermittent fasting to lose their weight successfully and gain superior health benefits. I have inspired a lot of people to start this lifestyle by traveling to many cities speaking at various meetings, conferences and seminars.

I thought that writing a simple weight loss guide about my weight loss journey will inspire obese people around the world to lose their weight and regain their lost health following a low carb lifestyle. In my experience guiding so many people into successful weight loss, I found out that many people understand this science only if it reaches them in a very simplified way.

So, this weight loss guide will help you start from scratch to lose your weight, get rid of your health problems, achieve strong health and lead a healthy life in a very simplified way.

In this weight loss guide, I will guide you in a very simplified method how to make successful weight loss following a low carb lifestyle. I don’t want to go into much details like the studies involved, too many scientific terms, which will confuse you. I will just present the weight loss guide in a very simple manner so that it can be followed very easily. Even a layman who reads this weight loss guide must be able to reduce weight efficiently following the weight loss guide.

I will keep all topics as short as possible with suitable illustrations and pictures. I will keep all information up to the point so that it is easily understood by even a layman reader.

In short, I want an obese person to lose weight and achieve strong health themselves just by reading this weight loss guide and following it.

Get ready friends, here begins your exciting weight loss journey to strong health following the low carb high fat lifestyle through this keto & intermittent fasting weight loss guide.